Track Mag

Invention Design
3. Semester

My tasks
Conception, Research,
Wireframing, Prototyping
Niklas Moldan,
Pius Burkhart,
Luzie Funk
Miro, Figma, Illustrator,
After Effects, Premiere,
Why it was made
In Invention Design, new products and tools are sketched with a strong future-oriented perspective. The latest technological developments are researched and evaluated in order to develop useful research-experimental applications. We quickly decided to work out an application that could reduce food waste.

Up to 12 million tons of food waste are produced in Germany every year, 52% could be prevented by the end consumer, as this proportion is thrown away in private households. This proportion was researched further and an innovative solution was sought.

Project Goals
The product should be flexible and independent.
The product is intended to make user behavior more sustainable and to raise awareness.
The product should not only identify problems, but be part of future solutions.
It must be possible to trust the product.
Research Methods
Interview with supermarket and drugstore employees
Prototyping and testing
Research of technologies
How it works
TrackMag is attached to any box using a magnet. The sensor system, which is located in the part inside the box, creates an odor profile. This profile is compared in a database so that conclusions can be drawn about the content and its status.
Simple App

The focus is on technology and early notification. The app was designed very simple and without many functions. You can check the status of the existing magnets or add, delete or rename a new magnet and find information about its function.

Notification Feature
This product cannot prevent food from deteriorating. However, food can be specifically consumed before they become inedible. If the food is in the yellow-green state, the user is notified via the associated app to keep an eye on the product and to consume it depending on its status.

Can I still eat this? Looks bad already somehow? Eat a brown banana? These uncertainties are a thing of the past. Thus, unnecessary food waste can be prevented.
Color Selection
Since the colors  have a big influence on the usefulness of the product, this decision had to be considered carefully.

If you work with a conventional traffic light system and use a red or orange color to notify the users that they should now eat the product which could lead to uncertainty. This is why it is now displayed in two different shades of green, both indicate the freshness of the product in different stages and do not cause any uncertainties. If the product has gone bad, this is shown directly with red as a signal color.
During the research we often had to take a step back and refine our goals. It took a while to understand that the problem cannot be fixed with one solution. Which is why we then focused on groceries in private households.

In the future, TrackMag could then also be used in retail as a safeguard. Because with reliable technical protection, food could also be sold after the best-before date.